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Read the full text of some of our award-winning and favorite articles from recent issues of Minnesota Law & Politics.

Martin Luther King Jr. in My Living Room
Want to know what world leaders are really like? We ask those who have spent time in their orbits.

Meet the Modern Family: Mommy and Daddy (Divorced); Child; Parenting Consultant
Lawyers are starting to serve in this new role to help angry ex-spouses make smart family decisions

Getting People to Listen to Reality
A new volunteer resolution program is going a long way toward unclogging family court


Harry Sieben Still Knows Your Rights
And he wants you to know them as well

Should Judges Make Jokes?
Stephen Aldrich did and courtroom-monitoring group WATCH took offense. For good reason?

Like Winnie, Andy Brehm Grins When He Fights (Transcript)
The Winston Churchill Society of Minnesota, a new conservative group, held its first meeting in August with more than 250 people in attendance, including keynote speaker Gov. Tim Pawlenty. It was a powerful reminder in the age of Obama that the right is alive and well in the Twin Cities. The group was founded by attorney Andy Brehm, who wants to stop the shouting and start exchanging ideas. Below we present some of his.

Rising Stars of Minnesota Law
These bright young lawyers are on their way up: Kristine Boylan, Stephen Ling, Nicholas May, Joani Moberg, Ann O’Reilly, Steven Sitek

Lawsuits of the Year 2009
It’s been a busy year in Minnesota courts, with angry folks bringing all kinds of problems to the judges. Our courts have seen folks ranging from the strippers at the King of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club to a cast of real-life characters just about as interesting (and, often, as weird) as the inter-orbital bar scene folks in Star Wars. Not to mention that some significant law has been made.

The Good News 2009
The year stunk. Capitalism faltered, we all got poorer, cheats and thieves in high places came out of the woodwork, and the Timberwolves hovered near the bottom of the league. But not all is wrong in our world. A few things to cheer about ...

David Moskal’s Final Days
After serving time for defrauding clients, David Moskal moved to Colorado and tried to rebuild his personal injury practice. Things went downhill from there

In Memoriam
We remember Minnesota's leaders in law and politics who passed away this year

Collin’s Challenge
There are reasons why Rep. Peterson doesn’t hold town hall meetings. The logistics are tough. And the constituents are … unpredictable

My Afghanistan Journal
Retired Minnesota judge Bernard Boland recounts six months of boots on the ground


Pit bull attacks and deadly gas leaks make for a race that Chris Dahlberg will never forget; Best Band Names in Minnesota; Lawyer Bob Fox’s life in table tennis; The Freedom Club stands at the forefront of local conservative fundraising

Turkeys of the Year 2009
Unfaithful politicians, cops gone wild and morons with microphones.

Irrational Behavior
How the state gets it wrong when assessing criminals with bipolar disorder

The Lean, Green Dancing Machine
Balance is no issue for Eliza Clark

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full (of Pizza)
Colleen Doran juggles business law and coal-fired pizza at Black Sheep

The Art of Being an Attorney
Chris Carlson focuses a Hollywood lens on lawyering

Hiding Cookies in Gen Olson’s Desk
Who knew the legislature was so full of hijinks?

Letters to the editor

Advice to the New Republican Party Head Tony Sutton
Chuck Slocum understands a thing or two about being down: He took over the reins of the Republican Party after Watergate

Little Big Man
Matt Little has seen the world change—with a little help from himself

How MicroGrants Are Making a MacroDifference
Joe Selvaggio seeds success

Protecting the Protectors
With Wills for Heroes, Susan Link helps lifesavers breathe easier

The Case Against Torture
The Reverend Peg Chemberlin speaks her mind

What Is Life Worth?
Susan M. Holden faced the daunting task of compensating 35W bridge collapse

For Women Only
Juris Divas challenges the old boys’ network

How the DFL Got Its Groove Back
The party was wobbly not long ago; now it has sizeable majorities in both the state Senate and House. How did that happen?

Robert’s Rules of Order
Robert Weinstine on the civility of yesteryear

What Would Floyd B. Do?
Once upon a time, another high-profile Minnesota governor was faced with a huge deficit, dwindling revenues and difficult choices. Here's how he responded

No Direction Home
What's behind the shocking number of homeless students in the Twin Cities, and what's being done about it

Not Your Ordinary Joe
How Joe Friedberg wins friends and influences people

Becoming Nadine Strossen
Before heading east to run the ACLU, she was a Minneapolis attorney with two secretaries and endless idealism

The Right Is Right
Why positive GOP solutions will win the day over DFL pessimism

Ice Man
Brian Schoenborn runs a hockey empire out of his St. Cloud office

Sweat Suits
Greg Jackson of the Wolves and Kevin Warren of the Vikings keep the game inside the lines

Sports Turkeys
2009 has been a terrific year for idiocy in the world of sports, as we verify for you below

Breaking Legs in Mondale Hall
U of M Law School students take to the stage

Ham and Spice and Everything Nice
A Spam Bloody Mary? Robins Kaplan served one up for a good cause

Rolling on the River
Janelle Kendall and family rock Stearns County

The Dwight Stuff
Dwight Opperman went West as a young man, and the rest is history

Dwight Opperman: The Q&A
Dwight on trading wines with Warren Burger, breaking bread with Larry King, and offering an exhausted Bill Clinton a place to crash

Why They Love Him in Iowa
Dwight Opperman's enduring affection for Drake Law School

The Politics of Television
Meet our state's top TV political beat reporters. Not a Ted Baxter in the bunch

The Largest Personal Injury Recoveries of the Year
L&P's annual roundup of big wins

You Never Know the Dangers That Stand Ready to Attack Your Shorts
Some patents issued last year that may not be the next thing

Things IP Lawyers Know That Most of Us Don’t
I have one word for you, son: Algae

Pulling the Welcome Wagon
Lora Mitchell Friedemann breaks new ground in Minnesota's IP world

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Russ Melton
He makes business boom at Meagher & Geer

Claims Adjusters
The folks at Schwegman create a new way of sorting patent portfolios

Steve Bergerson’s Back Pages
Before becoming one of Minnesota's top intellectual property lawyers, he wanted to be Keith Moon

Bringing a Little Oslo to Fargo
Ron McLean is North Dakota's Norwegian consul

When Tom Daschle Calls
State Sen. Nancy Turbak Berry represents South Dakota's 5th District

Prairie Justice
Save for a stint in Tehran, William Dittrick has been Omaha all the way

Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers
The headline above is the 1996 winner of the Diagram Prize, awarded annually in Britain to the book with the oddest title of the year. Some of the past winners include the following titles (remember, these are real books):

A Well-Aged Firm We Missed

Time to Eschew Obfuscation
By Judge Jon Stafsholt of the District Court for the 8th Judicial District of Minnesota

The Fighters Behind the Ultimate Fighter
Brock Lesnar’s lawyers keep it clean

Lebedoff on Orwell and Waugh
Book Review—The Same Man: George Orwell & Evelyn Waugh in Love and War

The Hearts He Filled Anywhere on Earth
Remembering Bill Holm

I’m 55, Successful and Financially Solvent. Now What?
What late-career lawyers do to make their third act count

One Moment at a Time
Fred McGrath, who facilitates personal development seminars and workshops for attorneys writes here on how attorneys can live more fully in the present moment.

Oh, The Things They’ve Seen
A look back at Minnesota law and politics through the ages as experienced by Mel Heckt, Ward Lewis and the late Wille Radde Tuvey

In With the Old
A look back at 13 Minnesota firms that have seen the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries 

The 50 Largest Law Firms
Our yearly look at the numbers behind the firms with survey results from public employers of lawyers.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
How a horrifying, unfounded accusation nearly ruined Ali Sid Abdilahi

Because It’s My Goddamn Law Firm
The inside story on the Heins Mills & Olson compensation dispute

Conversation with Governor Tim Pawlenty
What happens when you bump into the governor at a San Francisco airport?

Minnesota's Legal Hall of Fame
After much consideration and plenty of debate, we decided on the 100 most influential attorneys in state history—a Super Lawyers list for the ages, if you will.

The GOP Pep Rally
One of our state's finest poets finds himself in the middle of the Republican convention and discovers it's no place for grown-ups.

Attorneys Under Attack
Armed fugitives, kidnappers and gun-wielding courtroom rivals face off with lawyers.

I Am Canada (and So Can You)
The joys and problems of a Minnesota expatriate.

All Seriousness Inside
Buy our publisher's new book or I lose my job

The Influence of Minnesota’s Justices
When our state supreme court decides an issue, other states listen

Hearsay — Carol Connolly

A Whole New Ballgame — William C. White

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