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It's been described as a local version of Mad magazine mixed with The Harvard Law Review and the New Yorker. In its 15-year history, it's been accused of being too liberal, too conservative, too smart and too sophomoric. But it's never been accused of being a bore. Thus its slogan, "Only our name is boring."

While virtually every lawyer in the state reads the magazine, it is definitely not a legal trade journal. Its readership has grown much broader. Law & Politics is read by the state's intelligentsia (more than 90 percent of our readers have post-graduate degrees). It's a magazine for those who care about, or have a stake in, the public policy debate that is basis of our editorial.

Our audience consists of those in positions of power in media, government, politics, law and business. Our magazine attracts a curious blend of readers ranging from corporate CEOs to political junkies.

For advertisers, we offer a devoted audience of nearly 43,000 high-income readers who earn on average $140,000 a year. Law & Politics has won dozens of awards for editorial excellence, including a National Clarion Award. Law & Politics is the only Twin Cities-based publication ever to receive such an award.

Minnesota Law & Politics is a bi-monthly four-color glossy that was founded in 1990. In 1997, Law & Politics opened an office in Seattle and began publishing Washington Law & Politics.

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